A Personalized Touch

 I could not wait to share this with you!

Since my grandmother’s passing in January, I have grown closer to my family than ever before. I wanted to do something special for the women of the family, when I had a great idea! Her soda bread recipe became such a significant part of how we chose to celebrate her life, I knew I had to do something special with it.  I decided to have the recipe printed on a tea towel, to hang in everyone’s kitchen.

As a stylist, over the past ten year I have been fortunate to have met and become great friends with so many incredible women. Women who not only are career women, but raise a family, keep beautiful homes, and have an amazing creative sides. My friend Amanda is all this and more. She is a truly wonderful human being, a dear friend, who I have had to privilege of watching grow into a loving wife and mother, all while creating her own Etsy shop.  She is an incredible decorator, diyer, and creates personalized decor for your home. I knew she would be the perfect person to make my vision come to life.  When I contacted her to create the tea towels for my family, Amanda was more than excited to take part in something so meaningful to me.

Before I knew it the tea towels were completed, and I was able to pass them along to the women in my life. My aunts and step mom were extremely touched by my simple gift. And most importantly, loved having a little piece of my grandmother, and our family heritage, in their kitchen. I am extremely grateful to Amanda, for her hard work, beautiful design, and also for being such a great friend to me over the years. Please visit her Etsy store, LivingwithAmanda for unique and personalized pillows, towels, grocery totes and signs.


I love having my grandmother with me in the kitchen everyday. The kitchen was the heart of her home, just like it is ours. It the place I love to spend my time, and show my love to my family and friends. And my tea towel is the perfect decoration to help celebrate March and St. Patrick’s Day!