A Thousand More

Every year for the holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays, I make my husband a gift.

Over the years his gifts have ranged anywhere from mix cds, (yes- that’s right I went 7th grade on him!) to blankets, pillows, even paintings of his favorite team’s logo.

This year, being that it was our first married Christmas, I went the sentimental route.

Our song is “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri. Years ago, when we had just started dating, my husband was out to dinner with his parents. It was at that dinner, he texted me and said “I just heard the song that is going to be our wedding song”. Now many of you would say, that was too soon to know you would get married, but not for us. We knew. Years later, it was only fitting that the day we were married, I walked down the beach to my husband to that very song.

I decided I wanted to make something for our master bedroom with the lyrics to the song. I found a copy of the sheet music online, and thought that it would be perfect! I first downloaded the sheet music, and blew it up on Staples website. Here is a great tip for you! If you are blowing up black and white print, blow it up under Engineering Prints on Staples website. It only cost me $3.50 to make a 24 x 36 print!

When I got my large print home, I decided it needed some character, which in my house means some distressing! My husband loves old maps, so I decided I wanted to give the sheet music a vintage look. I laid the print on my counter, and made a cup of tea. I let the tea steep for a little while, until the tea was very dark.

I took a sponge brush, dipping it into the tea, and gently sweeping it across the print.(Note-do this very gently, and lightly blot the heavily saturated areas.) Once the entire paper was stained, I placed it in a place to dry. I wanted the paper to dry was a lot of texture, so I purposely did not lay it flat.

After it completely dried, the lyrics had a great color and plenty of texture, as if they had survived a thousand years. (Pun intended!) But it needed just a little more, so using a lighter, I burned the edges of the paper. But be careful, or your whole project could end up in smoke!

I loved the look, and all the character and ┬átexture the sheet music had. I couldn’t imagine squishing it underneath glass in a frame. I decided to wrap the glass in brown bag wrapping paper, and adhere the sheet music to the paper, spraying it with Mod Podge Clear Acrylic Sealer. Once dry, it would protect my work of art.

Christmas morning came, and to my surprise my husband presented me with a homemade gift as well. It meant the world to me, that he would take the time to make me something special for the holidays, and only solidified why I do the same for him. He loved the sheet music art I created for him, and our story behind it. As it hangs in our bedroom, it is a constant reminder of the greatest day of our life, our wedding day, but also of the journey of how we got there.