A Wine Trail

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

 REAL interpretation- When in Rome, drink the wine.

I have mentioned before, my husband and I are very fortunate to be able to travel. It is our favorite hobby. We love to experience other cultures. One of our favorite ways to experience new places is by the food and wine of that area. Trust me- we are definitely not wine connoisseurs. We simply enjoy a good bottle of wine.

We love weekend getaways in New England, have road tripped around the US, and have vacationed in Europe twice.  Many people ask me, what souvenirs I bring home from all the wonderful places we visit.  We have started a tradition, I would love to share with you. On our first trip to Europe we visited Spain, France and Italy. And as the Romans did, we drank lots of delicious wine. We enjoyed it so much, we purchased a few inexpensive bottles in each country we visited.

Once we got back to the US, and I unloaded our new bottles, I started to think of the wine almost as a souvenir from our travels. From the tastes of the different grapes, from the various countries, to the beautiful labels designed on each one, I realized how unique and special they were. We decided then, that we would keep collecting wines, where ever we went.

Now after years of exploring, our wine fridge acts like a map of our adventures. We have bottles ranging from Sonoma California, the Amalfi Coast, Heidlberg Germany, Cape May, New Jersey and everywhere in between. We save these special souvenirs for just the two of us to share. We open them on special occasions, or on the eve of our next adventure, or sometimes just on a date night on the couch. Each time we open a bottle, we reminisce about the amazing trip it came from.

We even drank a bottle of wine from our California road trip on our wedding night! And we brought home a bottle from where we were married, to open on our first wedding anniversary!

Next time you are traveling, and sipping a glass of vino, think about picking up a bottle to take home with you. Remember, you don’t have to travel the world for your wine, or some fun, sometimes the best getaways are around the corner from home.

Souvenirs from travel should transport you back to the place you visited, spark your memories, and get you thinking of your next adventure!