All Wrapped Up


I love to share a REAL steal.

What does that mean, exactly? It is finding a great item, at a super bargain.

This Christmas season, I got my steal.

While doing my usual shopping at Walmart, I wandered through the holiday section of the store. I will say this, Walmart has definitely up-ed their game this holiday season. They had tons of great decorations, flocked wreaths and trees, and the cutest flour sack towels. I love kitchen towels. We have a million different ones, that I hang on the front of the stove, as a decoration. When I saw the Christmas towels and all the different designs I had to have one. Then I saw the price, $1.97! O-M-G! What a bargain! In all my shopping glory, I was hit with a great idea. With all the cute sayings and the nice quality of the towels, why don’t I buy a bunch of these and use them as part of peoples Christmas gifts.

It wasn’t until I got home, that I realized what I was going to do with them. We share our Christmas cookies with our friends and family. I buy inexpensive containers to give out our cookies. I like to wrap them in pretty ribbon to make them look festive.  I decided to pair all of our cookie packages with a flour sack towel. I wrapped the containers in the towel and tied it with a bow. It made the containers look adorable, and also gifted everyone a towel for their kitchen. I then, decided to do the same for the bottles of wine, we are giving as hostess gifts.  I love the way they look wrapped around the wine! I know this will be a big hit for the holidays, and I am even happier at the cost! Always keep an open mind when you are out shopping or even in your home. Try to re-purpose or duel purpose items, you will be s surprised how creative you truly are!

Talk about a steal!