Baby Its Cold Outside

Tonight we are under construction.

Gingerbread house construction that is!

As a child I grew up making gingerbread houses with my family and friends. I remember sitting around the dining room table, filled with icing and candy. Since we don’t have children, I decided to keep the tradition alive with our friends. And while to many the idea of gingerbread houses may seem silly, we make an evening of it. It is a great way to get together for the holidays, drink mulled wine, have dinner, laugh, and construct our homes! It is so fun to see everyone’s spin on their home, and you can always tell who watches a lot of HGTV!

And for the end of the evening, along with all the sugar, and gingersnap cookies I bake, I serve hot cocoa. I fill our friends mugs with hot cocoa mix, a candy cane, and marshmallows. ¬†And because this is a grown-ups gingerbread house party, a nip of Bailey’s! It is the perfect addition to a mug of hot cocoa and a great Christmas night cap!

This is a great way to get together with friends during the holiday season. It is a relaxing, comforting, and will take you back to your childhood. Christmas, is all about being a kid again!