Bubbly Bar

Easter Brunch was a success!

The food was delicious, the weather perfection, and the family had a terrific time.

And my Bubbly Bar may have been the reason!

We serve Bloody Mary’s (compliments of my sister) and Mimosas every year for brunch. This year I decided to jazz up my typical Oj and Prosecco cocktail, by creating a DIY Mimosa Bar. I have learned in that people love DIY food and beverage items. Getting to select the ingredients, personalizing it, makes everyone so excited. So why not let my guests create their own morning cocktail!

I started by designating a small table to my Bubbly Bar. I filled my wine chiller with ice and bottles of chilled Prosecco. I then picked three types of juices for my guests to choose from. I selected orange juice for the traditionalist, pineapple for my island loving guests, and cranberry apple for my sweet-tarts! I displayed the pretty colored juices in glass bottles. I actually picked up large bud vases at the Dollar Tree to use as “juice carafes”.  I sliced fresh pineapple and strawberries for garnish.

I labeled each juice with a little sign I printed on card stock, and tied them around the carafes with twine. Lastly, I labeled my DIY Mimosa station as the Bubbly Bar with a sign, I printed and framed.

Ok to be honest, lastly….. I made myself a drink!

Sip. Sip. Hooray!