Chalk It Up

Remember when chalkboards filled us with dread?

Whether it was having to solve a math problem on the board in front of the class or banging erasers after school as punishment, chalkboards were never one of my favorites. Until now!

Chalkboards became all the rage in home decor over the past few years. They are a wonderful place to leave love notes and doodle a little art, or to display your dinner menu. I personally have become a huge fan of chalk paint. Chalk paint allows me to turn any surface into a DIY board.

This week, the salon I work in, is celebrating 5 years in business! We are hosting a Happy Hour for all of our clients, friends and family, to celebrate our anniversary. I thought it would be fun to create a chalkboard timeline of all the events and milestones, that have happened over the past 5 years for the celebration . Here is a REAL simple and inexpensive  how-to on creating your own chalkboard!


An old mirror or picture frame

Chalkboard paint

Trim Paint of your choosing

Painter’s Tape

Sponge Brushes



  1. First and foremost, you have to find a cheap frame or mirror to use as the base of your board. I have the best luck at finding large, very inexpensive framed pictures at Goodwill. This particular mirror, I picked up for only $13!2. Paint your trim, or frame. I loved how large and thick this trim was, but wasn’t a fan of the wood. I painted mine a matte white. Feel free to choose any color you like! Let the trim dry completely.

3. Once the frame has completely dried, it is time to paint the center of the frame. I use painter’s tape along the inside trim of the frame. This ensures that I don’t get the black chalk paint on my white trim. (If you have a steadier hand than me, skip this step!

4. Paint the center of the frame with the chalk paint using the sponge brush. I use sponges brushes for two reasons here. One, they are super inexpensive and you can throw them away when you are finished. And second, because I want this to really look like a chalkboard, I don’t want to see the brush strokes from a bristle brush. The sponge creates a smoother finish. Apply two coats of paint for complete coverage.

5. Now it is time to decorate your board! I added all the important dates to my board, and then added a pop of color by hot gluing flowers to the corners of the frame.

This is the perfect timeline of our salon, and tells the story of the past 5 years! I am so excited for everyone to celebrate this upcoming Friday, and to reminisce about all the wonderful things that have happened! I chalk this board up to a success!