Cork It!

No one likes to unwind and uncork as much as I do.

A delicious bottle of wine at the end of a crazy week is a true pleasure, and something my husband and I do often.

And that leaves us with an abundance of wine corks, that for some reason I can’t just throw away.

So what else would you do with all those corks but to turn them into a little DIY project! This project is so quick and easy, anyone can do it. I use the wine corks and a yard stick to create a long and thin cork board, for pictures and notes.  It is the perfect size for a hallway or side of your kitchen cabinets, and makes a great conversation piece!


1.Yard stick

2. Hot glue gun

3. Hot glue sticks


5. Command Damage-Free Hanging strips

How To:

1.Start by heating your hot glue.

2. Lay your yard stick on the counter.

3. Work in small sections, (about 3 corks length) and spread the glue on the yard stick.

4. Take 3 cork and press them horizontally into the hot glue on the yard stick. Make sure they are laying directly next to each other and touching.

5. Continue this process to the end of the yard stick.

6. Once the glue has completely harden, flip the yard stick over and adhere one side of the Command Strips to the back. Add one in the middle and the bottom of the stick.

7. Adhere the second halves of the Command Strips to the desired location of the cork board .(the wall, door, or cabinet) Make sure that the location of the strips on the wall mirror the location of the strips on the stick. Match the strips together, and press firmly to attach.

8. Decorate your homemade cork board with notes, cards and pictures!

If you don’t drink as much wine as we do, or haven’t been saving your corks, stop by your local winery. Chances are they have a ton of leftover corks and will give them to you for free!