Getting ready for the Bunny

Hippity, Hoppity,

Easter is on its way!

With March coming to a close, it is time to decorate for Easter. I love Easter decor, because it is bright and cheerful. Giving the feeling that spring is in the air.

I started my Easter decor, in the dining room of our house. Every year we host Easter, for our big family. On our table this year, is this great galvanized milk container, I found at Hobby Lobby for only ten dollars! I wanted to fill it with eggs for the Easter season.

Obviously, you can find Easter eggs just about anywhere this time of year, but I wanted something a little different. Something with a little more sparkle to it! As I wandered through Target’s Dollar Spot, I found just what I was looking for. Pastel colored eggs, decorated in gold leaf! The eggs came attached on string, to form a garland. I knew they would be perfect for the milk container, if I just cut them off the string. And the best part was the price-$3!

Once I got home, I filled the container, with raffia. I love raffia, it fits with my home decor, so I can reuse it for decorating every season. I used the raffia to make little nests to hold my eggs. I then simply cut the string of the garland and slid all of the eggs off. I filled each little nest with the eggs, alternating the colors.

This was a simple and easy way to create a decoration for Easter. I purchased the milk container with the intent of using it all year long. I look forward to redecorating and re-purposing it every season. I find it important to purchase items, with many purposes. It allows me to get the most out of my decor, and sticks within my budget!