I can not contain my excitement!

After countless episodes of Fixer Upper,  a 1,000 subtle hints (wink, wink,) and a Connecticut snow storm, my shiplap dreams came true!

And I have my wonderful, amazing, and very handy husband to thank. Not only did he shiplap the wall in our dining room, on his snow day from work, but he also did it with my crazy, budget friendly supplies. I will share what we did to create a shiplap look in our dining room all for $63 dollars!

Now I will be honest with you, we did not purchase authentic shiplap. After reading up on Pintrest’s DIY shiplap walls, we went to Home Depot with the idea that we would have plywood cut into 8 inch boards. Then we would find the studs in the walls and nail them into the studs. As I wandered through the lumber section of the store, I came across fiber board paneling. The panel was one large, and light weight piece, seamed to look like 6 individual boards. I showed it to my husband, thinking this would be perfect and each board was only 17 dollars (my thrifty side was ecstatic)!  After calculating, we came to the conclusion that we would need two boards, to cover our dining room wall. To make the wall look authentic, and not as if we just hung a piece of paneling on the wall, we decided to have the board cut into individual 8 inch boards. The lumber department at Home Depot, cut following the seams in the board.


Since this product isn’t solid wood, and was extremely light weight, we opted for Liquid Nails to adhere it to the wall. Our house is an older home, and still has plaster walls in most rooms. If anyone out there knows anything about plaster walls, is that hanging things can be a real challenge. Many times in old homes, the walls are imperfect, have a little wave to them, or unevenly spaced studs. With our new found material, we decided to skip the headache of finding the studs, or nails pulling out of the walls and went with Heavy Duty Liquid Nails as our adhesive. (We consulted with the Home Depot crew first, of course!)

2 boards, 2 tubes of Liquid Nails, 1 gallon of matte white paint, and fine grit sandpaper, we were out the door at $63!

The next day, the snow storm hit and my husband was right to work! Since the wall we chose to do, had a window on it we decided to stagger all the boards as they went up on the wall. I envisioned a “brick lay” type pattern. This would create character and visual interest, instead of  a “too perfect” look.  And with any DIY project, we make adjustments along the way. We quickly realized, that while the Liquid Nails worked great, it took a few minutes to dry, and needed a little support. So we decided to add a few nails to each board after all, for extra support until the adhesive had dried. Lucky for us, the glue dried quickly and the material was so light-weight that we didn’t have to search for studs.

*Note- the best advice I could ever share about any DIY project is to always be able to adjust. Nothing ever goes completely as planned. Usually one trip to the hardware store isn’t enough, and you have to get creative in tricky situations. Keep a clear mind, try not to get frustrated and be able to reroute your plans!

After the first few boards were up, my husband got into a rhythm and started to fly. We continued to run the boards from the left side of the room to the right, even when we hit the window. We decided to do this to ensure that the boards stayed even on either side. Nothing worse than crooked shiplap. My husband was sure to measure each individual piece. As I said earlier our house is old and the walls aren’t perfectly squared, so little adjustments were made each cut. By 7 o’clock that evening, we had a complete shiplap wall.

I fell asleep that evening with visions of white shiplap walls in my head! The next day, was for painting. I chose a primer and paint combination, in a matte white for the wall. Because the boards we purchased for the wall, were not wood, we had to sand it down with the fine grit paper. It roughed up the surface of the boards enough for the paint to stick to. Three coats of paint later she was complete and I was in my own version of Fixer Upper!

I can’t thank my husband enough. Anytime I have one of my brainy ideas, he is always on board. He works hard to support my creative vision and appreciates my creative side. Without him, I could never make my dreams come true. Thanks babe, for all that you do to make our house a home, and for all the love and support everyday, even when my projects drive you a little crazy! I love you!

Supply List:

2 Boards of FiberBoard Paneling, cut into individual boards

2 tubes of Heavy Duty Liquid Nails

Matte White Paint/Primer Combination

Fine Grit Sandpaper