How Does Your Garden Grow?

I love to cook with two things, a glass of wine(for me!) and fresh herbs.

I combined my love for both things when my husband and I built a custom standing herb garden.

I wanted to plant my herbs right on our patio, so while I was cooking, I could pop outside and add fresh flavor to any meal. But we have two puppies who love to eat their mama’s plants! We decided to build our garden with a little height.

I called around to a few local liquor stores and asked if they had any wooden wine boxes they could spare. I was lucky to receive three boxes for no cost. When I got the boxes home, I used a wood stain, to stain the boxes a darker color. Once the stain had dried completely I distressed them with a little sand paper and elbow grease. Next, I drilled holes into the bottom of each box, so water could drain through. Next, my husband screwed 1x4x8 pressure treated wood to both sides of the boxes. We staggered the height on each box, creating a “staircase effect’ with the boxes.   He then cut the bottom and top of the boards on a angle so it could stand up right, and lean the back of our house.

Once we had the wine box stand built and in the perfect location, I filled each box with a few inches of potting soil. I filled each box with an assortment of herbs. From mint for mojitos, to basil for pesto we are ready for summer and our fresh ingredients to grow!

I love how cute this standing herb garden came out. It is the perfect solution for my plant eating puppies, and looks so chic on our patio!