Welcome Summertime!

Aside from decorating for Christmas, nothing gets me as excited as Welcoming Summer to our house.

I love pulling out of patio furniture, planting flowers, and decorating our home with bright and fun decor.

We welcome everyone to our house, including Summer with this fun umbrella wreath, that we hang on our front door.

This wreath was one of the simplest, inexpensive things I have ever made, and it has big character! I will share with you how quick and easy this wreath is to make, and what you can do with your extra supplies!


Styrofoam Wreath ( you can find these at any craft store)

A bright color ribbon

Cocktail umbrellas (I found 12 packs at my local Dollar Tree)


(This is so simple I shouldn’t even call it directions!)

  1. Open up all the cocktail umbrellas, so they are completely open and round.
  2. Start to fill in the wreath, by pressing the tooth pick end into the Styrofoam wreath.
  3.  Alternate the colors as you go around the wreath, and make sure that the umbrellas are close enough together that you can no longer see the Styrofoam.
  4. Once the wreath is full, loop the ribbon through the wreath and tie a knot, to form a hook for the wreath to hang on.

Now that your wreath is complete, welcome Summer the only way I know how to. Hang your wreath on the front door, and mix up a cocktail to enjoy, and decorate with your left over supplies!